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36 Square Meter Apartment in São Paulo

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Brazillian architect Alan Chu designed a 36-square-meter apartment in São Paulo. Using crate box cabinets he organized all the storage and entertainment area along one wall that also houses a kitchen with a cool retro Smeg fridge and a vertical wall sliding storage. There is also a mezzanine level bedroom and bathroom.

36 Square Meter Apartment Design

36 Square Meter Apartment in São Paulo

36-square-meter-apartment by Alan Chu

The first level is occupied with the storage wall and a cozy sofa/daybed. A big flat TV is located at the opposite wall. At the right there is a black spiral staircase that leads to the bedroom. The mezzanine level is designed in black and white with a wooden finish in the box that serves as a hall between stairs and the room.

The level is outlined with transparent railings that keep the interior more open. Other finishes in the apartment include a wooden ceiling and white tiles on the walls.

Designed in neautral tones the apartment interior really benefits from those red accents (retro fridge and the vintage wall-mounted telephone). The living area also features a worn-looking red rug that ties it all in.

Mezzanine is a great space solution for one room apartments like this one. Loft space adds more room to the home allowing to hide away the private areas like bedroom and bathroom. The retro accents in a modern decor really stand out especially thanks to their bright color. The wooden finishes on the ceiling and in the wall storage add warmth to the tiled walls and stone floors.

We also like the fact that the lack of space in this apartment hasn’t affected the stair design. It is quite expansive and looks as a statement detail in the interior contrasting with the white walls and the red accents.

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