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How to Design Music Studio on Budget

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Are you fond of music and live in a block flat? Do mad neighbors knock on your door hundred times a day complaining that their small child can’t sleep or they can’t hear TV because of all your music-making? Just try these tricks to turn your room into a music studio on a budget to continue your music sessions without any trouble.

Make Music Studio on Budget


Cheap and Fast

Usually, sound isolation is a pretty complicated and expensive thing. First of all, you have to save money for a long time and only afterwards can you hire professionals to realize it. What if you have a limited budget and sound isolation can’t wait till better days? There are several comparatively easy means advised by experienced people that may help you and your neighbors.

At first it depends on the type of your musical instrument. Violin sends sound vibrations only into the air. Such instruments like piano or drums also cause your floor to vibrate. You have to act accordingly to your musical instrument. Also would help if you choose a comfortable room with an already decent sound isolation.

Isolating Walls

The first trick is necessary for all musical instruments. You need to cover all the walls with a soundproof material. You can cover your walls with carpets. If you choose this solution, try to leave a small gap between a wall and a carpet. Air will provide additional sound isolation. If the walls are too thin you can make wooden panels for the walls and cover them with cheap synthetic blankets stapled to the panels.


Isolating Floor and Ceiling

When you are finished with the walls, it’s time to take care of the ceiling and floor. A ceiling can be isolated by blankets the same way as the walls. Floors can simply be covered with a carpet if you play a violin. It is little bit trickier to complete isolation for piano and drums for the reasons described above. Basically you need to create a “floor-on-a-floor”. For that you need a solid basis made of wood. If you can’t manage a hammer and nails it’s better to hire a professional person for this or ask a friend to do that. It (the basis) should be big enough for your instrument and yourself. Afterwards the basis is to be filled with sand which will reduce floor vibration. Don’t forget to paint the wood into the color that positively influences your inspiration!

Carpets are easy to clean with a regular vacuum cleaner and so are the blankets. Just try to choose tough and long lasting fabric. All means of isolation can serve as background for your designing ideas.

Adding Some Style

Those who are worried about preserving some style in the interior should look for matching colors and ornaments. Add some artistic elements of decoration such as embroidery or decorative chains made from shells, wooden plates and nice stones. Things related to music such as vinyl records are perfect items for decor. Furnishing should correspond with the general idea of the room. Bean bags, cushions, low tables will make this room fitting not only for music but also for pleasant rest. And soft furhiture will further absorb any air vibrations from your instruments. Don’t forget about lighting. Mild soft light from sconces or floor lamps will add a more lyric atmosphere to your music studio if that’s what you’re after. Just make sure to have good general lighting for practice and sight-reading.

If you live in a hot climate it could be a good idea to have air conditioning in the room to make your practice all the more comfortable.

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    The only thing left up to you is deciding how far you want to take your sound insulation. When I would go there would be other people there finishing there
    recordings or just starting. Well, the ductwork system inside your house is like sound traveling through several tunnels at once and the sound won’t stop until it leaves its
    trapped confines.

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