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How to Choose Wallpaper. Part 2. Choosing Wallpaper

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There are so many types of wallpaper that differ in color, texture and pattern. Not to lose your mind, it is better to come to a hardware store with some prepared sketches in your head or décor kit.

How to Choose Wallpaper For Every Room


Textile Wallpaper

Since hallway is a place with a lot of traffic vinyl or duplex paper wallpaper will fit there just right. In a living room fleece or textile wallpaper will be great; it will decorate this room the best way. Since it’s washable and durable vinyl wallpaper will do great in a kitchen. And for children’s rooms and bedrooms it is better to choose natural breathable wallpaper made of paper or textile.

How to Choose Texture and Thickness


Thick Wallpaper

Thin wallpaper is cheaper but thick types make walls smoother. With the thick wallpaper you don’t have to prepare the walls. Also thick textured wallpaper looks pretty and hides the irregularities of the walls. The only downside to it is the price.

How to Choose Color and Pattern


Wallpaper with Big Pattern

Juicy and vibrant colors can excite but also irritate, you have to be careful with them. Pastel colors bring calmness, peace and relaxation; they create an atmosphere of confidence. If you have enough light in the room, it is better to use cool colors like blue, gray, silver, pink, deep dark burgundy, purple, violet, blue, terra cotta and such. If there is not enough of light, then choose warm, soft and bright shades of orange, light green, gold, green, milk, beige, peach, coffee, apricot, and cream colors.

Patterns should be neutral; avoid the ripple effect in the eyes. Fine pattern will suit a small-sized room, large scale pattern is for spacious and large rooms. The vertical bar visually lifts the wall but it will also narrow it; the horizontal bar will expand the walls, but the ceiling will look lower. To increase the depth of the room you can install dark wallpaper with an active pattern on the far wall, while having a much lighter color on the other walls.

It is better not to take wallpaper of the same color with the furniture as they will merge. If you are planning to decorate your walls with photographs, pictures and plants, use solid, light, smooth wallpaper with a barely noticeable pattern or ornament. Avoid excessive contrast, it will eventually get boring and annoying. If the windows in the room face south, use light-resistant wallpaper that do not fade. Wallpaper with small patches of different colors can hide the irregularities of the walls and even significant defects.

How to Choose Width of Wallpaper


Wide Wallpaper

A standard roll is 50 cm (20 inches) wide. During the installation each strip should be spread, attached to the wall, aligned and smoothed. So because of the fewer operations the one-meter wide roll leads to twice less work. Also it looks better because it has fewer joints. But it is easier to make mistakes during the broad wallpaper installation. In general everything depends on the skills and accuracy. Beginners will be more comfortable with narrow wallpaper and the professionals can work with the wide wallpaper.

How Many Rolls to Buy


Rolls of Wallpaper

To calculate the number of rolls you need for a certain area, subtract area of windows and doors and add a small reserve just in case. Carefully follow the instructions on wallpaper installation, recommendations on exposure time and glue.

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