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Stained Glass for Luxurious Interior

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What is the most luxury thing about all temples and residences belonging to the age of Renaissance? Here is a hint – this is probably the only one detail still widely used in the modern design. And the answer is – stained glass.


Ancient Custom in Modern Design

A custom of making windows from colored pieces of glass appeared more than a thousand years ago. At the age of Renaissance this art reached its peak and gradually became something of the category named “the good old classic”. Though, it’s not gone completely. Designers still use it while creating rich and luxurious style in modern home interiors. The stained glass is used in windows and chandeliers. It also decorates the doors, or furniture adding the look of old days to the interior.

Luxury Detail Getting Easier

It may seem that stained glass can be used only in a big and expensive residence. At least, it seems that it is reasonable to do so. In fact, everything depends on the way you present the stained glass. Actually, it can become a part of both a luxury and very modest and simple interior. For example one can meet stained glass in a window of a large hall in a celebrity residence. Stained glass can be a small chandelier in a small dining room made in a bohemian style.

Chandeliar from Stained Glass

Chandelier from Stained Glass

How to Get it Cheaper

Stained glass is considered quite an expensive kind of decoration. In fact, the price depends on the material used for joining the glass pieces together. Different kinds of substances are used for this process. The most expensive variant is when the edges of the glass parts are melted and joined together. But sometimes different materials such as metal foil can be used. Stained glass window or a chandelier costs several times cheaper.

Sometimes, the old ways in interior design are the best. They have been tried by many generations and still, they take a decent place among wealthy and luxurious things. This is a sign of real quality.

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