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Interior Designs That Will Convince You That Red and Green Go Well Together

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Red and green. Colors of Christmas and many flowers don’t always look good together especially in interior design, but there are certain tricks you could use to change that. First, you need to choose the best green and red shades that go very well together to decide whether you are going to use them as primary and secondary colors or just as accents.

Red and Green Color Schemes

Green red interior with patterned walls

Here the dark green and bright red look great together. White space between patterns balances it out and lightens up the room, which would be very dark if it was painted green entirely.

home office

Making one of the shade brighter is a great solution for continuous space. Equally bright red and green accents work great even on duller green background thanks to monochromatic combination of colors.

Green and red accents in neutral color scheme

Neutrals with bright inclusions and accents work great in any style. Here are a lot of neutral colors that don’t clash, while red and green make the space look livelier.

Green red furniture

A living room furniture set doesn’t have to be a uniform color. A colorful area rug can bring different color pieces together.

Green red accents

Sometimes one color can be a bit more dominant in a still neutral scheme to create dimension.

Green interior and red sofa

Brighter colors are best used in accents while primary colors are best kept mute.

Green library and red seats

What do you think about green and red color scheme? Love it or hate it?

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