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Bedroom Remodeling Tips

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Bedroom is the room where we rest but decor-wise it is usually the most conservative, calm or plain. The same pastel tones, furniture arrangement and traditional decorations make most bedrooms look alike. If you want to make your bedroom unique and inject your personal style and special atmosphere into it then don’t hesitate to experiment and follow some simple tips.

Bedroom Remodeling Tips

Beyond Pastel Color Wheel

Pastels are nice, they are calm and pretty but if you don’t mind bright colors in place where you rest and sleep then why not jazz up your bedroom with another color scheme. Make it more bright, add prints and deep accents. If you want color but do not tolerate bright hues opt for less intense tones and shades. If you want green go mint or lime, if you want red go coral or red-brown.

Space and Time

If your bedroom is small why not throw away all the furniture leaving only a big bed? If you can afford moving all the furniture to other rooms make the bedroom a special place where belongs nothing but bed. A little pouf or night table with light will do for hanging night loungewear.

Deciding on the lighting inside your sleeping room depends on whether it has windows or not. Natural lighting is beneficial for sleep but if you do not have it think about making artificial natural lighting in the room. Here your fantasy can fly as far as you let it. The lighting can be ambient or hang from the ceiling in forms of stars.

Furniture Arrangement

If you have to keep all the furniture in the room arrange it so it looked interesting. First of all, move it from the falls. Pick interesting angles but be sure to leave convenient pathway to the door and the bed. Get rid of the stuff you do not need or use in your bedroom. Interesting bed or other furniture forms can help a lot in arranging everything in an unusual fresh way.

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Mona Liz

I am an interior design and fashion enthusiast with a passion for writing, gathering up interesting/alternative home design ideas. I love lofts, canopy beds, fluffy throws and rugs, but also cats, food, and video games.
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4 Responses to “Bedroom Remodeling Tips”
  1. fast loans Says:

    Great job. Good article I must say.

  2. leczyca Says:

    Excellent article as usual, thankyou!

  3. goldeen Says:

    i am thinking about painting my bedroom 1/2 up the wall with leaf green, the rest of the wall gray with trim to divide the 2 colors, now i have green carpeting. my thinking was to add mavera drapes to the rm. i also have a master bath i want to do that the opposite colors, right now i have a spread witch has all the colors that i mentioned but the color gray. What it your thoughts about what i am attempting to do with our master bedroom and bath? thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, goldeen

  4. Mona Liz Says:

    Grey is a trend right now so I’m sure you can find some throw pillows or a pouf in grey to fit your bedroom decor. Which colors will the bathroom have? If you want it to be more classy go with grey. But you can add littlest leaf green accessories lilke soap dispencer or towels to echo the bedroom design.

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