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Handmade Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Lighting can signifiantly enhance your interior design but it is also true about outdoors. There are many great step-by-step tutorials out there that help use the materials at hand to make creative outdoor decorations. We take a look at some of the things you can find around home and make outdoor lights out of them.

DIY Outdoor Lights

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Top right: Mason Jar Lighting by LukeLampCo (ETSY), bottom right: WE Design Studios Mason jar Chandelier

Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect for making outdoor lights. They can be used as shades, lanterns as well as candle holders. They can be filled with sand or pebbles to make them more decorative as candle holders or they could be draped with fabric, tied with ribbons or covered with transparent colorful paper to create colorful lights.

There are many ways of arranging and grouping Mason jar lights in the outdoors. They can be used as table lights or pendant lights fixed to the trees over the outdoor dining table. Perfect holiday celebration decoration!

Wine Bottles

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Left: AfterGlow Garden Stake from Solutions, Right: First Step Designs

Wine bottles make for great candle holders, light containers. But they can be quite tough to work with as they are not as spacious at the spout as say, Mason jars. First Step Designs (find at ETSY)  create gorgeous lights out of wine bottles.

Erik Anderson of Gerardot & Co. found a way to turn a wine bottle into a tiki torch. They even offer a $38 kit that helps to create tiki torch out of old wine bottles, The kit does not include a wine bottle or fuel.

Tin Cans

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Tin cans are also great material for creating outdoor lights and lanterns. Since it’s opaque, the crafters came up with an easy idea of letting the light shine through the can. Using a prepared tin can (filled with water and fronzen in the fridge for stability and sturdiness) and nails they punch holes in various sketched patterns which then allow the light from the candle shine through.

The tin cans can be painted in different bright colors or decorated otherwise for the increased appeal.

String Lights

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

String lights can be easily used to create outdoor lights. You can put them in any transparent container such as a Mason jar, a wine bottle or an old lantern. You can also create an improvised chandelier by wrapping string lights around the round frame which can be obtained from a barrel, for instance.

String lights can also be simply wrapped around the trees though this way of decoration is usually associated with the winter holidays.

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