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Unusual Lighting

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Lighting is not only an interior accessory, but it is an essential part of an interior design. So before choosing lighting as an accessory think about its function. There is general lighting and accent lighting. General lighting is usually a pendant light it illuminates the whole room while accent lighting is used to focus attention on specific architectural features of your home or for more practical use like reading. There is also ambient lighting, which illuminates the room with a soft glow. It’s usually hidden and adds some mystery to the atmosphere.

Unusual Lighting

Lighting is also able to create the atmosphere and a mood in the room. Colorful lighting can create festive or more intimate atmosphere depending on your seasonal or holiday decor. Some lighting can serve its function without looking too plain and simple.

You can also use lighting to  highlight or hide the spots at your home, which your like or don’t like. Unusual lighting vary in forms and shapes, textures and colors. There are UFO lamps, futuristic lights and many other interesting lighting designs now serve both decorative and practical purposes.

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  1. Heather John Says:

    I love this blog! Creative, simple, unique. And these lights are just too cool! As someone who works in the lighting industry, I always love to see what’s new and these lights (especially the jellyfish-looking ones) are certainly unusual. Thanks for the great post.

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