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Transparent Bathtubs

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Glass bathtubs become more and more popular in interior design. Usually people don’t trust the bathtubs made from glass. But they are completely reliable because of modern glass manufacturing, where construction material goes through a certain process of hardening and transforms into a resistant transparent glass. As glass and mirror are favorite materials of modern designers, transparent bathtubs often appear in the trendy catalogs and magazines.

Bathtubs made of glass

Gymnasium Apartment living area

WAVE Diamond Bathtub


The main materials are polyrit synthetic aquaperl transparent, toughened safety glass transparent. anufacturers offer a wide choice of the transparent bathtubs. Boston design studio Stern McCafferty offers an absolutely transparent bath. WAVE Diamond Bathtub from Bagno Sasso made from glass is combined with wood emphasizing the minimalistic style through the texture of wood.


Here you can also find a wide choice of colors including golden, toned, silver glass and other. For example, Rossovivo bathtub from Albatros Company has three colors: Red Ice, Blue Ice and White Ice.


Transparent bathtubs shapes are usually not like regular ones. Often you will find bathtubs with non-geometric lines and bizarre forms. Milano collection from Victory Spa is a size of a two-seat sofa-bed: 190x125x70 sm. Another tub designed by Belgian designer Flore de Crombrugghe features the number of drinkable water bottles used when taking a bath and looks like a beaker.

Additional functions

Besides the common functions like hydro massage, you can also find tubs with additional functions like aeromassage, chromo therapy and many others. For example, Smarthydro bathtub can be controlled by the panel, smartphone or even though the Internet. You can control quantity of the water, temperature and backlights.


The only disadvantage of the transparent tubs could be their high price. But glass from which they are made of can keep the warmth for a long time and these tubs are completely ecologically clean.

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