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Three Main Trends in Lighting Design

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Light is an equal participant in any interior composition. It can not only highlight certain design solutions, but also set the desired mood in any room of your home. 

Modern Lighting Designs for Home Interior

Light can zone out, merge, share space, make it interesting and meaningful. Today there are three main trends in lighting design.

LED Building Blocks

Tetris Light by Tetris

Tetris Light by Tetris

Modularity of lighting systems is one of the main recent trends. This is quite logical: the space and lifestyle are becoming more and more dynamic, demanding a review of the philosophy and way of life, the type and functional possibilities of surroundings. Therefore, modular fixtures are at the peak of fashion today.

Modular luminaires have a huge number of functional advantages. First, they combine high light intensity with low power consumption, greatly reducing energy costs without loss of light quality. In addition, they are easy to install and provide hassle-free access to communications.

Modular fixtures are a real catch for designers. They can be collected in continuous luminous figures of different configurations that give designers endless opportunities for creativity.


MiniBlade integrated in wall and ceiling

MiniBlade integrated in wall and ceiling

Another trend in lighting design is the integration of light in architecture. The lights elegantly fit into the interior, becoming an integral part of the house.

We have long been accustomed to ceilings with concealed lighting, but now we have lots of new versions of the light integration such as tiles with recessed light fixtures or a mosaic wall with light.

Natural Materials

Coral by David Trubridge

Coral by David Trubridge

Industrial designers like the idea of ​​introducing eco-friendly materials into lighting design. So the production of light fixtures made ​​from natural materials such as wood, metal and glass is all the rage now.

Today we can see the increasing trend of using chandeliers made of cork, baked clay, natural stone and even cardboard, newspapers and other recyclable materials. Designers’ love for nature is reflected not only in the material, but also in the forms of lighting objects. They tend to design chandeliers in the forms of flowers, trees, and even veg like garlic, for example.

Of course, while listing all these trends, we can not forget about interactivity of lighting systems and the promotion of “smart” light. Personalization of lighting for each family member or employee of the company stands takes the first place in design.

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