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How To Choose Garden Fountain

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Garden fountain is a beautiful addition to the garden. There are various types and options that will suit almost any garden. The garden fountains come in many shapes and forms as well as the materials. So there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a fountain including the safety matters.

How To Choose Garden Fountain


Garden fountains come in various materials from concrete and stone to marble and granite. There are also fountains made of fiberglass, ceramic and metal. Material is usually chosen depending on budget and tastes but each material has its own qualities as well as advantages and disadvantages. For instance, fiberglass is lightweight, while stone and concrete are durable.

When choosing fountain prioritize quality and appearance of the material and fountain. Some materials are more sturdy than the others. Metal is sturdy but outdoors it easily corrodes especially under the impact of water. Stone


Size of the fountain depends on the size of the garden. Wall fountains can help save garden space while still add to the garden design. There are spherical and square fountains as well as in shape of bowls, vases, and various statues. There are simple fountains as well as tiered ones that add architectural detail to the garden or front yard.


There are numerous styles of garden fountains from simplest to ornament, traditional and modern, waterfall and cascading. The fountain style definitely depends on the garden design style. Freestanding and pedestal fountains make for beautiful landscaping marks while pond fountains can be hidden in the greenery.


Location depends on the garden design and, of course, on wiring or plumbing. The fountain makes for a great focal point in the garden but it can be placed anywhere. Some garden fountains come in waterfall version that can be placed at the rock garden. The location of the fountain should also be chosen carefully to make it safe.


When considering adding water fountain to the garden think carefully about safety of kids and pets. Access to water and wiring can cause harm as a child can drown in an inch of water so these are very important factors to think about. Water fountains/wells cannot be made completely safe for children and pets.


Every garden fountain requires maintenance. Some are less demanding like concrete simple ones while others cannot be left outside during cold weather like metal ones. During winter the fountain should be dry and water should be removed from the pipes.

Garden Fountain Designs:

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