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Hanging Tree In A Pot Is Ultimate Home Decoration

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We’ve written about indoor gardens and unusual hanging planters. But this beats everything. Designing a modern two-storey house in California Amit Apel Design decided to suspend a beautiful planter pot with a tree from the stairs (where they meet the ceiling of the first floor) in an awkward spot between the staircase and the living room. The result? It’s stunning.

Hanging Tree Pot Makes Impact In Modern Home

Hanging potted tree

The house interior itself is pretty sleek and minimalist

Designed in modern style it feautres an open layout, which allows the suspended pot to be seen from many place in the house. The crown of the tree goes up to the second floor and is unobstructed by the open design.

The pot isn’t hanging very far from the floor since it’s qute massive and is held by a ring and four cables attached to it. The tree echoes the outdoor greenery that peeks inside the house from glazed walls, which create outdoor/indoor feel. This is a bold decoration solution for thos who like trees and drama. What do you think about it?

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