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Kitchen Concepts From Yaroslav Galant

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Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant has created a new kitchen concept inspired by the Buick car to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. Using the elements from Buick’s 50’s models the designer built a stylish kitchen out of DuPont and Corian with the wood and stainless steel finishes.

Yaroslav Galant’s Kitchen Ideas

Buick-inspired Kitchen Concept by Yaroslav Galant

Buick-inspire Kitchen Concept by Yaroslav Galant

The Buick-inspired kitchen consists of a curved cabinet with a strong natural wood pattern, a stainless steel clad cooking table in a curve that imitates the curves of the car and the independent stove and a similar-shaped sink. Installed in a studio the kitchen also includes a sofa shaped as a car rear end and a four seat eating area with a round wood table on a steel base and metal chairs with rounded backs.

Translating the car lines into the kitchen furniture Galant created an absolutely unique room with matching grey stone walls, floors, and ceilings. The wooden finishes add a bit of homey feel to the cold steel furnishings.

Buick Concepts by Yaroslav Galant

Siren Kitchen Concept by Yaroslav Galant

The previous work by the same designer was called after lilac and was shown at MTKT Innovation in Kiev in 2012. Consisting of a cooking table and a bar couter the kitchen is designed in purple, white, and black color scheme. The purple is playfully ‘splashed’ onto the white and framed in black.

The sink is built into the tiered bar couter and is outlined with the openings for the removable planters. The stove stands separately allowing to cook three meals at once. There are also black and white planters in to complete the kitchen set. The biggest one doubles as a lamp prompting better plant growth. Finally, the designer offers an interesting idea for the floor covering – grass.

What do you think about Yaroslav Galant’s kitchen designs?

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