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Integrated Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

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The prospect of some spare space for a porch, terrace or patio you’ve always wanted or natural views right from inside your house is too sweet. Or is it? It’s quite possible, if you live in the area that allows change of landscape. Greenery, gardens, trees and hedges you can create it all by yourself to enjoy the beautiful flowering view from inside, that’s where the integrated indoor and outdoor spaces are needed. There are plenty of ways how to integrate the inside and outside.

Integrated Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Walls

The easiest way to let the outdoor beauty inside is to create a couple of floor-to-ceiling glass walls in your house. It has many pluses from beautiful view and enhanced space to natural lighting. Visually the room that is open to the outdoor area looks bigger, brighter and more welcoming.

Glazed Porch

If you are constructing your home or it is possible to extend the house after it’s been built or bought you may consider a glazed porch as an outhouse. Again it allows you to see the outdoors, the beautiful flowers, greenery, tree blossoms and lawns while enjoying the comfort an indoor space.

Conventional Terrace

Terraces and decks have always been a great opportunity to enjoy indoor/outdoor combination. If you cannot change the construction of your house the deck or terrace can always become that special place where you connect with the nature without really parting with comfort. If you have a garden consider arbours or patios deeper into the garden while making a visible path to the house.

Open Spaces

Houses and villas with big open rooms that allow easy access from the outdoors is a great way to integrate the living area and the natural environment. Sliding doors can easily transform private space to the open area where the indoor and outdoor spaces become integrated.

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  1. Vania Marotta Says:

    Can anyone tell me who the architecture firm is for the first large image above? I love it!

  2. Arty Says:

    Hey, Vania, it’s The Resort House by Bower Architecture.

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