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Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

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Rose is such a romantic flower and has over a hundred varieties which allows amateur gardeners choose from a wide array of colors and shapes. Growing roses might seem intimidating but if you have a hobby or passion for it then you can grow a whole garden of roses and enjoy their beauty and floral scent. Take a look at some amazing rose varieties that feature interesting blooms in terms of shape and color.

Unusual Rose Varieties


Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

This beautiful two-toned rose is a Hybrid Tea. It was bred in 1989 by Samuel Darragh McGredy IV. The distinctive coloration makes it instantly stand out from other varieties and a large bloom only emphasizes its unusual look.

The rose can grow up to 3 or 4 feet tall and has a mild scent. It requires spring pruning and freeze protection. Scentimental is another striped rose variety that grows in zones from 6b to 9b.

Hocus Pocus

Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

Hocus Pocus is an unusual rose. It is a floribunda, florists rose that was discovered by W. Kordes & Sons in 2000 and is similar to Black Beauty thanks to its velvety dark red blooms but sometimes features yellow stripes.

The rose is not stable meaning its blooms can come without stripes. Abracadabra rose discovered in 2002 is a sport of Hocus Pocus and features similar yellow streak coloration on dark red petals. Memphis Music is a red blend mini-flora that grows in same zones is slightly similar to both Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra thanks to its dark red petals and yellow streaks.

Félicité Parmentier

Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

This one is an Old Garden Alba rose that was bred before 1836 by Louis-Joseph-Ghislain Parmentier. The rose has a light pink bloom that intensifies toward the middle and a strong scent. Felicite Parmentier is very shade-tolerant and grows up to 4 or 5 feet tall.

Its blooms are simply amazing with multiple (up to 120) beautifully layered petals and strong fragrance.


Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

Nostalgie is an amazing two-toned rose with red outer petals and cream middle. The rose is a Hybrid Tea bred in 1995 by Hans Jürgen Evers. Choose for zones 6b to 9b and enjoy a shrub type plant with beautiful two-toned blooms.

Nostalgie blooms in early summer, late summer and from early to mid-fall. It also has a strong scent and double bloom that can include up to 40 petals. Double Delight is a visually similar rose variety that was bred before 1976.

Rive Gauche or Green Eye

Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

Rive Gauche or Green Eye are similar varieties from Green Valley Floral that were genetically bred to have the green foliage growing in the middle of the bloom. The petals are reflexed while green foliage is pointed.

Rive Gauche features light pink blooms surrounding the green leaves while the Green Eye has yellow-ish white flowers.

Rainbow Sorbet

Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

This Floribunda was bred before 2004 and descents from Playboy variety. The rose has yellow petals with pink edges and grows up to 5 feet tall. Is is resistant to disease and is winter hardy.

The rose blooms from late spring to early fall. Surprisingly this rose has none to slight fragrance.


Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

Osiria is a red blend Hybrid Tea rose with an unusual coloration of petals which are velvety red at the front and white at the back. The variety was bred in 1978 and features large blooms.

Osiria is a repeated bloomer and has a strong scent. Its petals can also turn dark red which amazingly contrasts with the silver back.

Claude Monet

Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

Claude Monet is a Hybrid Tea with medium doble blooms in yellow and light pink stripes and streaks has mild to strong fruity scent. If you don’t want red or pink roses its unusual coloration will immediately draw attention.

These rose varieties will definitely add drama to your garden as well as add a splash of color to a green lawn. Which one of these varieties do you have or would want to grow in your garden?

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