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Colorful Furniture in Interior Design

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Bright colors look great in interior design. They breathe energy and liven up your home creating lively mood and playful atmosphere. Oh, but bright colors are not only for kid’s room. If you are an energetic type who loves color and juicy hues then decorating with colorful furniture is just right for you. Surely you can make a bold color scheme in your room but the contrast of the white color scheme and splashes of bright colorful furniture here and there can make a whole new impact. Besides you get to play with a whole range of colors as well as prints in a blank white room.

Colorful Furniture in Interior Design

Choosing Color Scheme

You can use colorful furniture in any matching color scheme. Say you paint a feature wall the same color as some of your furniture items, smaller ones like chairs. Now try throwing in some other colors in bigger furniture like a red sofa or blue armchairs. The colors should nicely match or contrast. Now you can also add some patterns in the same color as your contrasting furniture. Options are infinite.

Adding Neutrals

Adding neutrals to your interior design is especially important if you chose to go with bright color scheme with colorful furniture of contrasting shades in order to make the room look less color-disturbing. In a white color scheme the the white comes also as neutral while in colorful interiors furniture frame as well as accessories as well as some furniture items can be featured in neutral tones.

Choosing Accents

Accents in a colorful interior are used quite the same as in neutral toned interiors. They have to match and add depth to the interior adding a finishing touch to it. You can play with prints in accents like throw pillows, rugs, vases, and curtains.

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