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Learning Contrast and Textures

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Adding contrasting accents to your interior design will jazz it up and deepen the decor. Texture will help avoid much contrast between basic and neutral colors and contrasting tones. Let’s start with color contrasts basics. Complimentary colors do not go along together well when used in big areas such as walls but they can be hidden in prints in upholstery and rugs. Contrasting colors look well together like classic black and white combo, which also can be deepened by red or bright blue accents.

Learning Contrast and Texture

Basic and neutral colors and shades create calm classic atmosphere in the room. But in order to avoid boredom and make the room more stylish use some contrasting accents as they will lighten up the room immediately. Textures can make your room design look cozy or “cold”, polished and plain or complex.

To add some coziness to the room with glass-like or stone flooring use natural fabrics in upholstery and curtains. More smooth and shiny fabrics will add some glamor to the homey interior design. In order to soften the bright splashes of color in the room use complex prints featuring the same color. Embroidery, quilting, printed fabrics will lessen the shock from the bright pop of color.

Play with splashes of color in the room as they will add style to the decor and make the room less monotonous and boring. Use natural fabrics with rough and plain textures to create calm relaxed atmosphere and use glass surfaces and lacquered furniture if you wish to create modern, polished, futuristic and high-tech interior design.

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