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Boiler Room Converted Into Home

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Lately many different buildings have been repurposed and converted into homes and it’s not only churches or warehouses but also such buildings as water cleaning station and stables. Industrial buildings have long been used as dwellings (think lofts) but each conversion simply has some special allure to it. A boiler room in Lebanon Mills jewelry factory in US has been transformed into a modern home by Stack + Co.

Boiler Room Conversion

Converted Boiler Room Kitchen

Converted Boiler Room, Kitchen

It seems that the space has been divided into three levels. The kitchen features a staircase right above it that leads to the open second level that proceeds to the third one with an enclosed lit staircase.

Since the space is open there are huge windows in the kitchen that provide home wiht plenty of natural light and views of trees and neighbouring buildings.

The color scheme in the house is black and white which with the sleek furnishings makes for a minimalistic modern interior. Exposed brick walls were painted white but still add industrial chic to the place along with the big metal pipes.

The eat-in kitchen is a social place with a kitchen island and bar counter in one. The stainless steel finishes only emphasize the industrial past of the interior.

The bathrooms are simple and practical. Designed in neutral grey tones they feature shower enclosures and one of them has a doble sink.

The home turned out spacious and full of industrial feel. Big windows provide with plenty of natural light but there is also built-in lighting for night time. The lit staircase that leads from dining area on the second floor to the third level gives off a beautiful glow that adds allure to the interior.

This is another interesting conversion of an industrial building into our collection box of conversions. What do you think?

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