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In and Out: Fabulous Beach House in Australia

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Located in Point Lonsdale, Australia this fabulous beach house by Baenziger Coles Architects is an great architectural endeavor to merge indoors with the outdoors. The Point Lonsdale beach house is surrounded by trees and greenery while fitting in greatly with the neighboring and the landscape due to its architecture and wooden exterior. The ceiling-to-floor walls in the lower level of the house is made of glass to get the feel of getting in and out in an instant. The back and the sides are covered in solid stone to give some privacy to the inhabitants and the wooden finish of the higher level merges Point Lonsdale beach house with natural surroundings.

In and Out: Fabulous Beach House in Australia

The architecture of this fabulous Australian beach house is interesting, the higher level is a bit offset which provides the shed supported with wooden posts somewhat protecting the glazed lower level of the house. Stone floors in the outdoors mingle with green trimmed lawns and lead to the lounge, BBQ, and eating area.

The interior is also finished with wood that extends from exterior inside the house and to the walls. Stone tile floors look fabulous adding modern look to the big room divided into areas. There is kitchen with steel and wooden textures, large dinner table that stands opposite of the fireplace. The fireplace is located in the wall the separates the lounge area from the rest of the room however allows to peek into it.

The wooden finish also extends to the bathroom that features a wooden wall that embraces the bathtub with a narrow double window. Thus the atmosphere of a beach house is maintained through the building that feature many more details and design solutions. The Point Lonsdale beach house was built using recycled materials so it’s not only nature inviting but it’s also eco-friendly.

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