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Tree House Casa del Arbol

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Have you ever played in a tree house? Surely you remember those moments when you considered yourself an owner of a whole proper house where your imagination had no limits. Well, tree houses have changed a bit since you were a child.

Casa del Arbol Tree House

Casa del Arbol Tree House

Eco-Friendly Tree House

Rojkind Arquitectos have designed an eco-friendly tree house The Casa del Arbol. This house represents three hives made around a circular basis. Each of the sections is completely private, so three kids can play separately in their own rooms. All in all the size of Casa del Arbol is about 14 feet in a diameter. Materials used for constructing this house are absolutely natural. So, it looks absolutely harmonious with the garden and doesn’t spoil a single detail of the garden design though it is quite unique and outstanding construction by itself.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The house carcass was made out of Salam tree timber, growing in the region, which is famous for its long-asting qualities. Boards of a certain size were cut out for each particular section, to be attached to the carcass. The tree house has been assembled like a puzzle – each part corresponding to its own place in the construction. The materials used for them are timber, and stainless steel to prevent rotting. Therefore, the construction looks very light. And it is light indeed, looking like it has naturally grown on the tree.


Natural Design

Very often people complain – though a tree house is a perfect way to persuade kids to play outdoors, its look may spoil the whole garden design idea. Colors and construction in general looks alien among natural beauty of the garden. Now it’s obvious that designers have found a perfect solution for this problem. Wooden materials used for construction are not only reliable but also very natural. Casa del Arbol answers to all demands for eco-friendly designs.

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