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IROJE KHM Architects’ Exciting Angular Buildings

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We here at Interiorholic appreciate interesting unsual architecture. So to continue the topic of new interesting architecture we’d like to introduce IROJE KHM Architects, a Korean architecture firm that seems to specialize in angular complex buildings that immediately catch the eye. Their latest project is the most interesting complex comprised of a restaurant, a coffee shop, offices, and a family home. How about that?

IROJE KHM Architects’ Buildings

IROJE KHM Architects

Seoul, Korea

A multi-storey building doesn’t betray its purpose. You can only guess that it’s probably an office building considering its surroundings. But just like its shape it’s complex and consists of many things. It’s just as angular on the inside, of that you can be sure and its peculiar lines make for amazing windows.

IROJE KHM Architects

Kyeong Dok Jai

Another landmark on the face of South Korea is a 115.0 sqm Kyeong Dok Jai house, which the architects tried to fit on a 230 sq meter sight with private gardens and courtyard. The angular building is surrounded with the alluminum screen that allows sunlight in but keeps everything else out.

IROJE KHM Architects

Hwa Hun

This angular creation may remind you of that paper fortune teller kids like to play with, perched on a slope somewhere on the outskirts of Seoul. The house provides lots of private outdoor pocket spaces while also taking advantage of sunlight thanks to numerous windows,

IROJE KHM Architects

Ga On Jai

This one has been built on a land from GangNam house expo held twenty years ago. The 643.5 square meter area was surrounded with angular roof embracing an open courtyard with a private garden and complex inner structure of stairs that lead in and out of the house.

What do you think abuot IROJE KHM Architects’ angular style? Would you like to live in a house like that?

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