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London To Use Underground Heat for Homes

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Administration of London decided to use the residual heat that is produced by metro and electric stations to heat homes. The energy that is produced will be enough to provide heat for 500 homes in Islington, one of the central areas of the city.

London to Use Underground Heat for Homes

London underground and the Big Ben

London underground and the Big Ben

We must do everything to provide London with safer, cheaper and reliable energy sources. Developing this energy sphere, we not only save money and create new jobs, but also stimulate the development of new technologies,” Matthew Pencharz, Senior Advisor to the Mayor for the Environment and Energy said.

This technology will significantly reduce costs for our customers, which is especially important at the current rate of growth in electricity prices. This is part of our job – to help people. Last year winter was the coldest in the past decade, while the prices for heating, in contrast, were the highest. Many families with moderate means had to make a choice – food or heat in the house,” Richard Watts, the Head of Islington Administration.

According to Rakhia Ismail, a member of the Executive Board of Islington, the use of the subway energy, inter alia, is a positive impact on the environment. In the next year the carbon footprint will be reduced by 500 tons.

If the project is successful, this project will be implemented in other areas of London. The city contains a lot of power stations, the residual energy of which is wasted. Full usage of the each power station’s capacity will reduce prices for electricity.

Trying to develop new sources of energy is a part of a larger project called CELSIUS. The project CELSIUS involves five European cities: Cologne, Genoa, Rotterdam, London and Gothenburg. Its goal is to show the efficiency and quality of heating systems that use the energy of the city, which is now simply dissipated into the atmosphere. Using this energy will reduce the amount of harmful substances in the atmosphere, reduce heating costs, and make the city more self-sufficient in terms of energy.

The Administration of Islington allocated 2.7 million pounds for the project. The project also received support from the European Union in the amount of one million pounds. Global purpose of the project is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% and receive 25% of all energy from local sources by 2025.

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