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Ideas for Attracting Kids to Playground

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Are you worried that your child spends too much time playing Minecraft and watching TV? There is a way to drag him or her away from the computer. A playground outside the house is the solution you’re looking for. 


Ideas for Playground

Nowadays one the most popular topics for conversation between parents is the way they spent their childhood and interests of the modern kids mostly related to computers and video games. Most parents want their children to spend more time outdoors, breathing fresh air, playing together with neighbor kids and just having fun somewhere except for the virtual reality. Here are some ideas to interest your kids more than a computer.

Magicians Castle

Your child is dreaming to find out a recipe of Immortality Elixir? He waves a spoon at the table, hoping that tomato juice will turn into wine? You have got a magician in your family. This unique talent shouldn’t be neglected! You should create a magician’s catle with a huge cauldron, a storage for magical ingredients and of course – an ancient and huge, just enormous spell book. The most important thing in making potions is figuring out how to substitute a fire, otherwise your child can try to do it himself. Just keep the real fire as far away from playground as possible. You can embody this idea both in a tree house, or in the open air.

In fact, many modern kids are fond of fantasy and they would be delighted to play a role game in a place specially designed for it. Just imagine yourself as a kid – what would you do if you found yourself among fantasy decorations? Any fairytale can serve as a source for a playground design.

Castle of a Small Princess

Castle of a Small Princess

House of a Small Princess

Your daughter dreams of a Prince? Then she should have a place, where usually beautiful Princess waits for her The Only One to come. A House of Seven Dwarves, a Beautiful Castle, or Ginger Bread House are most common places, where the real Princess should live. Be very attentive to the details. It may seem a game for you. But for your daughter this is as real as anything.

Don’t forget to ask your child about a piece of advice. He or she may have the exact idea about the future playground. Sometimes you may be surprised, how detailed they are.

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