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Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas

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Green is a great lively color so it’s often used for decorating living rooms and bedrooms. It can be of bright and pastel hues. Green goes great along with many other colors and hues. From yellow to purple, red, gray and blue as well as neutrals green can be used in a variety of color mixes.

Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas

Pastel Green

Pastel green creates a calm atmosphere in the room but it can be mixed with bright yellow, coral red, and orange if you want to brighten up the room. Pastel and muted greens are often used in wall paint while more bright hues and colors are used in furniture and decorations.

Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas

Bright Green

Bright green can be mixed with other bright or muted colors and neutrals such as black and white, beige and gray. Bright green can also be mixed with other green-based hues like sea blue. Two tones of green can be used to contrast each other like yellow green and bluish green.

Greens & Neutrals

Green goes well with white, gray, brown, beige and black. It can be used as a dominant color and as a bold accent in a sofa, table or curtains.

Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas

To create a unique green color scheme for the living room try mixing various shades of green with other colors. Carefully choose complementary greens or hues from the same green color to make sure they look nice together and do not get gray and uninteresting.

Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas

To jazz up your green living room design opt for bold accents in small furniture items, decorations and accessories.

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4 Responses to “Cool Green Living Room Design Ideas”
  1. Lily Says:

    Thanks a lot! These are great ideas… I have a rather dark green sofa and a sage arm chair in the living room. Decorating the living room with so much green is sooo challenging. Oh, and I have a yellow green curtain. I am not sure what pillows should I use:) I like warm spaces… I need them especially because the kids are playing a lot in the living room. any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  2. Arty Says:

    There are many options. Green goes well with cream, yellow, pink, even purple. If you want to brighten up that dark green sofa try some pale or bright pillows of yellow, pink, or cream. Patterns in pillows can also make the sofa look more lively.

  3. Alison Says:

    Are you able to tell me the paint colour used in the top image ‘Pastel Green’, or even suggest a similar colour? I have a lovely citrus green chair in my lounge and I’m hoping to add in a few orange accents (modern twist on a mid century look). I thought subtle green walls might help to blend everything together rather than having the green and orange pop out against white. I’ve found it so difficult to find what I’m looking for and I think this might be it. This website has been so helpful for all my ideas – any advice would be appreciated (even if it’s don’t do it!)

  4. Arty Says:

    Do you mean the very first picture? Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact name or code for that color. It looks like pale green but different paints may have different hues and color palette codes or names for it.

    Here are two different color palettes that have similar greens:

    I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.

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