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Creative Garden Seating Ideas

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Garden is an ultimate personal getaway and while it might take a lot of work and effort to maintain you can always take a moment to sit back and enjoy all the work done on your lucious greenery. Of course, you can always use a stool or a simple bench to take some rest from gardening but you can opt for a more elaborate and creative seating instead to enhance your lounge area.

Garden Seating Design

Garden Bench

Garden bench

Choose Shade

If you are on a tight budget choose a shady location for your garden seating so that you won’t have to buy and install sun awnings. You can choose a shade of a big tree or an alcove if your garden features any structures or additional architecture.

Speaking of alcoves you can build a garden seat with a built-in sun awning that looks like one while a gazebo will add even more appeal to the garden. Perched on a hill or surrounded with trees and bushes gazebo will look like a place from a fairy taile.


Choose your seating style depending on the style of your garden. If it’s a cottage garden choose a vintage bench or a rustic seat. For a more formal and minimalistic garden opt for a modern hanging chair or a round pod bench.

Conversation Area

Conversation area is a great addition to any garden. It can be a garden room, a pod or a gazebo but it can also be a structured depressed area covered with grass much like the conversation pit in the interiors.

Don’t just leave your garden seating standing there. Use creative landscaping techniques to emphasize it and add a little privacy to it if you want to use it as a resting place or a place for meditation. Plant shrubs and flowers near it to make it an ultimate relaxation spot. Vines will help keep sun away if your seating is placed under an arbor or a pergola.

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