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Go Green & Recycle: DIY Planter Pots

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There are so many things we discard every month and even every day and while most of them end up in a landfill others may still lie down in our basements or up in our attics. These things may include old accessories like bags or furniture items like chairs and desks.

Recycled DIY Planter Pots

Go Green & Recycle: Rain Boots

DIY Planter Pot Made Of Rain Boots

Old Shoes

Old shoes make great planter pots. They can be old coverse shoes or dramatic stilettoe as well cowboy boots and kid’s rain boots. A shoe organizer can too become a great mini vertical garden for culinary herbs in your yard.


Drawers are original containers so make sure to recycle drawers from an old desk or the entire desk as unusual planter pots. Drawers can also be used to build elevated flower beds.


Don’t know what to do with old tires? Paint them different bold colors and use them to disguise unflattering dull planter pots.

Plastic Cups

Plastic bottles are often used as planters but cups can be rarely seen in such role. Collect a bunch of those and create a vertical garden of herbs or tiny flowers.

Old Kitchenware

Old pans and pots are perfect for growing herbs and flowers. Also think old bowls, Mason jars, and other kitchenware you no longer use.

Egg Shells

Egg shells may not be the most sturdy planter pots but they sure are cute. Crack several eggs at narrower ends and remove the tops and egg whites and yolks. Place some cotton in the bottom of the shells for drainage and fill the eggs with potting soil. Plant the seeds and water them.

There are really many other things that can become planter pots. If you still haven’t gotten to spring cleaning yet be sure not to throw away things that are shaped as containers and can be repurposed and recycled as planters.

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