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Magical Bedroom Design Ideas

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We continue trying to help you to create an ultimate fairy tale in your bedroom. Regardless of whether you’re decorating an adult or kids’ bedroom, magic can always be there to make your dreams more sweet. We’ll start with easy things that won’t require much time, money, and effort but that can still add an element of magic to your room.

Magical Bedroom Designs

Baldachin bed

Creative Lighting

As we’ve suggested in our previous post on how to create a perpetual night sky in your sleeping chambers, creative lamps can do the trick. From laser star projectors to simple night lamps, lighting can fill your room with atmosphere and beautiful projections that will instantly turn a regular bedroom into special one.


What can be more alluring than a baldachin bed? It will not only protect you from the outside world but can also add a strong visual presence to your room. A light semi-sheer baldachin will give your room a light airy feel while heavier taperstry will make it luxurious and dramatic.

If you want something more immediate and imposing you can opt for remodeling.

Magical Theme

Kids’ room is where you can really let your fantasy fly. But you can too create yourself a bedroom design with magical theme like forest, space, or ocean. From color scheme and wall murals to canopy beds to dramatic headboards there are tons of ways to bring magic to mundane life and bedroom is a perfect place for it.

If you want to preserve the classic look of your bedroom, retractable accessories can help you in that while also providing the magic whenever you need it.


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