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5 Vertical Garden Ideas

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Vertical gardens is a big thing right now. But there are more and simpler solutions out there than a professionally created green wall. If you want a simpler and easy-to-do version of a popular vertical garden, these ideas may just work for you.

Simple Vertical Garden Options

5 Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical string garden by Fedor Van der Valks

String Garden

String garden looks very beautiful, magical even. It’s easy to maintain and it always looks great. You can have a floral garden hovering in the air and even grow lemons with your string garden.

Tiered Planters

Tiered planters can come in many different shapes and forms and can certainly be DIY. Three similar size containers and a reinforced string or rope can make a good-looking vertical garden where you can grow salads and herbs.

Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizer is a fast and easy way to a vertical garden. You don’t have to build it or put it together. Just fill in the pockets with potting soil and plant the seeds. You can hang a shoe organizer garden on the wall or make a more complex free-standing structure out of a metal frame.

Box Frame

A box framed tray you can hang on the wall indoors and outdoors alike is another great idea for a vertical garden. To make sure the soil and plants stay intact these trays are divided into slanted sections or secured with a net.

Planters On Shelves

Planters on shelves are ultimate solution for a vertical garden. Just make sure the shelves are wide enough to safely store the planter pots. Best way to secure those pots is to place them in box shelves. To achieve a more dramatic effect choose climbing plants for such garden and have them climb down the wall or hang a wall trellis to help them climb high up the wall instead.

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