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Mini Home Garden Without Soil

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Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil, in which the plant receives all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities and the exact proportions. It is almost impossible to implement in soil cultivation.You can arrange a mini garden in your kitchen, using this technique. Designers have developed compact automatic hydroponics systems to help grow plants in an unvonventional way.

Hydroponics Home Garden

Windowfarms, mini hydroponic farm

Windowfarms, mini hydroponic farms

Exterior hydroponic systems resemble refrigerators or cabinets made of glass. Vegetables and berries grow on their shelves using a certain substrate instead of soil. This can be a coconut substrate, keramzit and some other substances. Floors in the construction help to save space. Lighting of the kitchen garden is provided by LED bulbs, which are very power-saving and durable. LEDs are still expensive, but modern engineers are working on the development of cheap ones.

Designers decided to use purified waste water for irrigation of the plants. If the only free space in your kitchen is a sill, you can grow plants, using aeroponics method. This method does not require the growing substrate. The roots of the plants are placed in a container filled with water mist, which must be constantly maintained.

After learning a few basic concepts, you can grow plants with much less effort than conventionally. In case of the use of automated solution circulation systems the need for plant watering and feeding just disappears.

IKEDA Mini Vege, a vegetable cultivation machine

IKEDA Mini Vege, a vegetable cultivation machine

Almost any plants grown from seed or cuttings can be grown in hydroponics. In the case of transplanting adult plants it is better to give preference to plants with thick roots that are easy to clean. Avoid putting mature plants with delicate root system on hydroponics.

Hydroponics has great advantages compared with conventional (soil) manner of cultivation. Plant roots do not suffer from dehydration or lack of oxygen during waterlogging, which inevitably occurs in soil cultivation. Since the water flow is easier to control, there is no need to water the plants every day. You need to add much less water – from three times a day to once a month, depending on the container capacity and the growing system.

Homemade hydroponic methods deserve an important place among all other methods of cultivation. Plants grown with your own hands are not only income and savings, but also a greener home and a powerful anti-stress factor.

Live Screen, a vertical, self-sustaining planter system by Danielle Trofe

Live Screen, a vertical, self-sustaining planter system by Danielle Trofe

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