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More Garden Design Ideas

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A simple garden is already good enough, especially in an urban environment but you can do so much more with your green outdoor space. It’s easy to just let your garden grow wild as it will look natural and beautiful but it’s not always practical, so be sure to sketch your garden design and bring some order to it if you want to enjoy its beauty in comfort.

Ideas For Enhancing Garden

Tangga House Garden

Tangga House by Guz Architects

Add Structure

Architecture can easily be enhanced with greenery but it’s also true the other way around. Adding a structure to the garden can significantly trasnform its look. Instead of a continuous green coverage you can have a beautiful piece of architecture in your garden. It will add more functionality and charm to it. Think gazebo, pergola, arch, vine garden, and other such small structures that will provide support for climbing plants and create a nice dynamic in the garden.

Play With Textures

Speaking about dynamic, playing with textures can also bring nice dynamic and style to your garden. Stone pathways, wooden decks and terraces, tiled patios and other such elements will contrast with greenery and add more character to your garden.

Varied landscape is always interesting to look at, so don’t hurry to remove boulders and ruins from your garden and rather find a way to decorate them.

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting is so diverse, you can place small lights along the pathway to be able to walk around your garden at night. You can also decorate the deck with ambient lighting that will not only light up the outdoors but also create a beautiful outline of the deck.

If adding architectural details is not an option, think adding accents like trellis, statuary, fountain or a gazing ball to enhnace the landscape and break continuous greenery.

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