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5 Fruit To Grow In Containers

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There are many different kinds of fruit out there and while many of them can be grown in the garden not all of us have land for that. Not to worry, though, there are delicious fruit you can grow in containers and they include citrus and tropical varieties. With proper care they will bear fruit but you have to be willing to make an effort and be patient as many of them may take years to grow to that state.

If you have a sunroom or a conservatory it is best to keep your citrus and tropical fruit trees there to maximize sun exposure. Make sure to research the variety before investing in and planting it.

Growing Exotic Fruit In Containers

5 Fruit To Grow In Containers: Calamondin Orange

Calamondin Orange

Calamondin Orange

A potted tree that yields fruit and gives off nice fragrance is an ultimate home accessory. Both practical and decorative it can be kept outdoors on the patio and brought indoors in winter. Calamondin orange is a small type of orange native to Phillipines. It is a cross between Citrus reticulata and Fortunella japonica and it is often grown in pots indoors or outside in the garden or on the terrace. As a true tropical fruit calamondin requires full sun to bright light along with high humidity. It can survive cool temeratures but it is frost-sensitive so it’s better kept indoors during winters.

Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon is another fragrant citrus tree you can grow on the patio or indoors depending on the season. The small bush-like trees grow up to 8-10 feet tall in the ground and are smaller when grown in containers. If you are growing your Meyer lemon in a container you can even place it on a table as a centerpiece. This one loves sun and doesn tolerate frost, winds, and too much water.

Growing Exotic Fruit In Containers

5 Fruit To Grow In Containers: Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon


Pineapple can be easily grown at home from a shop bought fruit. Cut the top part of the pineapple off and get rid of all the fruit flesh and bottom leaves. Place the stem into a pot with soil and water it if the soil is dry. The best thing about pineapple is that it isn’t too demanding. It just needs light and a bit of water. Let the soil dry between waterings. The pineapple can take two years to bear fruit.


Figs you can also grow in containers on a patio or indoors. Plant the nursery tree in a plastic container and water when regularly not letting the fig dry out. If the soil is dry an inch below the surface water the plant. Figs enjoy sun so make sure your tree gets eight hours of sun a day.

5 Fruit To Grow In Containers: Fig



Though mangoes love tropical climates and outdoors you can still try and grow mango in a container. Choose a mango tree from the nursery and plant it in a container with holes for drainage. Follow the planting instructions and water the tree right after planting. Mangoes enjoy sun so be sure to place your tree in a sunny spot and water it regularly. You can also grow a mango tree from a seed from a shop bought fruit.

If you have limited space for gardening there are plenty more small but delicious plants you can grow indoors in containers. These include herbs, kumquats, limes, tomatoes, spinach, arugula, and many more.

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