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How To Create Low Maintenance Garden

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Gardening can take a lot of time and effort but there are ways to create a low maintenance garden. There are many plants for a low maintenance garden as well as some landscaping tricks that will make the garden look beautiful without taking much time and other sources.

How To Create Low Maintenance Garden

Tips on Creating a Low Maintenance Garden:

Undemanding Plants

Opt for undemanding and low maintenance plants such as cactus and perennials depending on your climate. These plants look lovely and yet take less maintenance time. Wildflowers are also a good choice if you want a beautiful low-maintenance garden.

Easy Landscaping

Some landscaping tricks can also help create a low maintenance garden. Use planters for creating raised flower beds or growing your own vegetables. A small-sized lawn can be tricky in terms of mowing but it can be replaced with a rock garden or paths and flower beds.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is still important as you don’t want the garden to overgrow or be covered with weeds. By weeding/pruning/trimming regularly you will not only keep the garden in check but also have little work to do each time.

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