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Constantin Chandelier by Andrea Claire Studio

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Andrea Claire Studio is creating eco-friendly abstraction-inspired bespoke lighting to suit your preferences on size and finish. The lights collection named Constantin has been first exhibited at 2011 ICFF. The collection includes chandelier, table and floor lights that vary in form, shape and finish.

Constantin Chandelier by Andrea Claire Studio

All the pieces of Andrea Claire Studio lights are handmade and “green”. The Constantin chandelier consists of four pendants of various sizes with the biggest one a bit distanced from the others. The warm yellow light looks especially great while when the light is switched off the chandelier shows light wooden finish. The creators’ description:

Andrea Claire Studio takes its inspiration from the artist’s body of abstract paintings. Abstraction acts as a gauntlet, a challenge, a visual gambit that that challenges us to redefine and re-imagine space and its objects or expressions. Influenced by Isamu Noguchi, CONSTANTIN lifts these guiding principles off the canvas and advances them into a line of singular lighting concepts.

Constantin Chandelier by Andrea Claire Studio

Constantin Table lamp has a slightly different shape and dark frame. You can also see the wooden texture show through as the light illuminates it from within the lamp.

Constantin Chandelier by Andrea Claire Studio

Constantin Floor lamp is yet another beast though it has the same dark frame and it’s bigger.

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  1. Chantelle Lighting Says:

    Beautiful lighting designs- look forward to seeing more of your creations!

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