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Home Decor With naifdesign

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Turkish design studio naifdesign has been founded in 2010 but they already can boast a wide range of home accessories and furniture. Made of eco-friendly recyclable materials naifdesign furniture and home decorations also look modern and are meant to make your home unique.

Home Decor With naifdesign

The design studio offers various series of chairs but we have noted BAN chair made of wood with geometric unusual design. Available in black, white, pastel and red this is a great addition to a modern kitchen or dinner room. It adds complexity to a minimalist design and accentuates the sharp modern style decor.

Home Decor With naifdesign

Another notable design is a Eksen coffee table made of steel featuring geometric lines and shapes. Available in steel, white, turquoise, and black shades. The Bosforus bookcase is shaped after the Bosforus Bridge which will definitely add an unusual touch to your home.

Home Decor With naifdesign

naifdesign also design lighting and there are two of their creations we want to show. Darwin lamp has an interesting metal leg that widens to the bottom creating a spherical form. This unusual lamp is available in black, iron and yellow with the black top.

Home Decor With naifdesign

Fikir is another stylish lamp made of black metal with inverted trapezoid framing the bulb and four legs. Very fresh and unique. naifdesign has more to see.

Home Decor With naifdesign

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  1. holm Says:

    Loving that fikir lamp

  2. Doryanee Says:

    These lamps are really stylish. I love the sleek designs!

  3. Susie Says:

    Very sleek. Too retro for my tastes.

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