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Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

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In the last article we talked about the interior finishing materials for eco-friendly houses. Unlike conventional apartments, green buildings require special furnishing. Therefore, today we will talk about the main issues relating to the kind of furniture, which is best used in eco-friendly houses.

How to Choose Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture

All furniture for eco-friendly houses should be made ​​of natural materials. Such furniture is very expensive, so not everyone can afford to fully furnish his house with furniture made of natural eco-friendly materials. In this case, the preference should be given to kid’s rooms and bedrooms, as well as kitchens, if possible.

Speaking about acquisition of furniture made ​​of natural materials, it is useful to remember about the need to look through the environmental compliance certificate (with a mark stamp of emission class E-1 or E-2), and to get information about the furniture manufacturer.

The furniture made of solid wood is, certainly, the best option for the home, both in terms of environmental quality, and appearance. This furniture fits in any interior (and the smell of wood gives freshness and comfort of home). But environmentalists actively advocate against such furniture. In fact its creation requires a huge amount of trees to cut down, causing irreparable damage to nature.

Way out of this situation is the furniture, in which natural wood is combined with a large volume of glass or metal, as well as furniture made of MDF. Very interesting pieces of furniture can be obtained from parts of trees – roots, branches, stumps.

Wicker furniture is very popular among owners of eco-friendly houses. Earlier it was used only in country houses. And now furniture made of rattan or osier looks very organic in any interior. The only disadvantage of this furniture is that it requires more for gentle care. It does not tolerate moisture. In addition, this furniture will last less than wooden one.

Bamboo furniture can easilyr wooden furniture. Of course, it is necessary to cut down a certain amount of bamboo to create such furniture. But as it is growing faster than many other trees, it causes less harm to the environment.

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