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Solarium – Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

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Solarium is a surprising creation of William Lamson. Commissioned by Storm King for the Light and Landscape show 2012, the greenhouse is made out of sugar panels, which give it such a colorful look. Consisting of 162 panels Solarium is a house-shaped structure that can perform multiple functions of a garden, a conservatory, or a chapel.

Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

Solarium Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

Solarium greenhouse by William Lamson

To create an unusual structure Lamson cooked sugar at different temperatures to get a range of tones of brown, red, and yellow. Then he poured it onto a glass pane specially treated to prevent it from cracking and then sealed with another pane.

The result, a colorful pavilion with three potted citrus trees growing inside. Featuring four doors the greenhouse allows views and natural light in from all four sides as well as provides release for the heat from high temperatures.

The colorful windows project colors onto the floor when the sun shines through them. And though the sugar panels show the imperfections and movement of the hot caramel as well as the air bubbles trapped in them it doesn’t take away from the look but rather adds a kind of a rustic appeal to the structure.

In the video below William Lamson talks about how he came up with the idea of using sugar in design and his initial experiments with it. When he first created window panes out of caramel the designer faced the problem of sugar melting due to environmental impact.

When approached to do a project the designer was inspired by the location and decided to build a more permanent structure out of sugar that is both functional and meditative.

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