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Green Decor: Vertical Garden Ideas

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Vertical garden is a good alternative to a common garden especially when there’s lack of space. There are quite a few ways to create a vertical garden indoors and outdoors.

How To Create Vertical Garden:

Green Decor: Vertical Garden Ideas

Hanging Planters & Green Dividers

Hanging planters can help create an indoor or outdoor garden. Hanging in a living room or on a porch the group of hanging planters with various plants don’t occupy much of the precious space as well as creating a vertical garden to enjoy.

Dividers can be used to grow climbing plants as well as they can be equipped with the shelves for the planter pots. Such green dividers can still be used to divide space as well as provide privacy when it is necessary.

Indoor Trellises & Green Walls

Green Decor: Vertical Garden Ideas

An indoor trellis can be used to grow the climbing plants at home. Some trellises and planter pots are wall-mounted so they can be  to create a vertical garden design. Thus they will not only function as garden but will also decorate the room’s wall. Screens and trellises can also be used to create some green space outdoors.

Green Decor: Vertical Garden Ideas

Silvertree by Studio RHE

To solve the greenery problem in urban environment the modern architects design buildings with vertical gardens right on the facade of the building. There are various different ways to fix the greenery to the building facade. For instance, many new buildings and architectural projects feature planter rows as shown at the photo above.

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