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How To Build Rock Garden

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Rock garden is a great landscaping trick for a low maintenance which looks lovely and beautiful. To create a rock garden choose a sight. A slight slope can make for a great sight as it will help water run off which is very important for plants that will grow there. After choosing a sight for the future garden complete the next steps:

How To Build Rock Garden

Tips On Building Rock Garden:

Choose Rocks

Gather different-sized rocks from the area or buy the necessary number of those. The bigger stones and rocks will serve as the foundation of the garden while the smaller rocks should be used to fill in the gaps between bigger rocks. Pay attention to the color and shape of the rocks, mix and coordinate various sized rocks as it will give your garden a pulled-together look.

Beautiful sculptural rocks can also stand on their own and be stylishly scattered around the garden for a picturesque view.

Choose Plants

Opt for small plants that don’t require much maintenance. Also consider the climate in the area when choosing the plants. The plants should look good in the rock garden. Consider adding some colorful flowers in order to jazz up the rocks.

How To Build Rock Garden

Lay Foundation

Every rock garden requires a foundation with good drainage. Outline the sight of the future garden and dig in around 30 cm. Prepare the soil by weeding it and mixing the sand and soil for better drainage. In order to build a raised rock garden the foundation needs to be dug deeper (around 90 cm).  After the drainage is prepared and the walls of the raised garden are set arrange the rocks layering the larger ones first. Rocks can be arranged in different variations. Opt for a coordinated arrangement that is pleasant to the eye. There are also sculptural rocks that can be used in the garden instead of rock piles.


Wait a couple of days before planting the seeds. Then prepare the soil and plant the seeds. Consider where you want to plant certain plants if you want a more pulled together look.

How To Build Rock Garden

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