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Ariane Trellis by Emilie Colin Garros

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This trellis designed by Emilie Colin Garros allows growing plants along the walls creating a live wall decor. The trellis are fixed to the wall while the plant can be placed on the floor or the cabinet. The plant stems then are fixed to the trellis and can be variously arranged.

Ariane Trellis for Live Green Wall

Ariane Trellis by Emilie Colin Garros
The idea is brilliant. Climbing plants can now be accurately grown into a pattern or shape that will show off on the wall. The live garden inside the house is also a great alternative to a garden in tight urban environment. The wall-mounted trellis is also a space-saving solution for free standing wall gardens.

The live green wall is not only beautiful but it also makes the air cleaner. The Ariane trellis was given a 2012 Jardins Jardin Innovation Award. It will also be exhibited at the Tuileries Gardens in Paris in June.

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