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Domenic Fiorello Plant Pods

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What to do if you live in apartment and have no land for a garden to enjoy the green and floral sights? Domenic Fiorello plant pods are perfect for creating a tiny garden in your home. Well, maybe not exactly garden, but you will definitely be able to have some beautiful favorite plants of yours that will please your eyes as well as decorate your home.

Domenic Fiorello Plant Pods

After researching the care needed for succulent plants, I designed this pod-like planter to be created on a CNC router. They hang vertically to display all the different views that can potentially be seen in an individual pod.

We like these plant pods as they are modern, sleek and quiet original. Besides their obvious function these plant pods and the plants and flowers in them can serve as great wall decorations. Domenic Fiorello plant pods are made with lacquered wooden touch and in polygonal shape, perfect for modern interiors.

Domenic Fiorello plant pods can be bought separately or groups, in which case they offer a discount. The plants in the pods are not for sale, though. Don’t stop now, check out Domenic Fiorello’s amazing furniture designs.

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    Thank you for your info!

  3. Hedwig Bradford Says:

    My planting area is kind of tiny would this be feasible with less space?

  4. Arty Says:

    Sure, I mean these plant pots are attached to the wall. So if you have some free wall space then any wall plant pots will do.

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