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Charming Urban Garden Ideas

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Urban gardens are commonly small and feature very little to no soil but it doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous and charming. Take inspiration from these ideas if you want to create a beautiful green hideout in an urban environment.

Urban Garden Ideas

Charming Urban Garden Ideas


Choose the best location for your garden depending on your apartment architecture. It can be a windowsill, a small outdoor courtyard, or a balcony. If you just want to add some greenery to the house opt for a mini windowsill garden. You can plant herbs or flower beds and enjoy a beautiful view or decorate your exterior with beautiful flower beds if you choose an outsde part of a windowsill.

Outdoors vs. Indoors

Having an outdoor garden is definitely amazing. You get to enjoy the views and the fresh air. But if you don’t have an opportunity to grow an outdoor garden you still have plenty of options for an indoor garden like these plant-friendly furniture and lighting designs that help bring greenery even into tiny apartments.

Space-Saving Gardening

Even if your courtyard or other garden location lacks soil you can use various other gardening techniques like vertical gardening, planter pots and string gardening to create an urban garden. Use corners, space under seatings and all the other smaller empty spaces to plant as much greenery as possible in forms of flower beds, green grass patches and herb and vegetable gardens.

Add Water Feature

Even a small water feature will add a lot of character and charm to your urban garden. Think small fountains, ponds or better yet water gardens. This way you will not only decorate your garden but will also increase the amount of greenery.

To create an ultimate hideout place cozy seats or an eating area in your garden or opt for a statement bench wich will spruce up the garden and will also provide you with space to sit and enjoy the beautiful peaceful view.

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