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Elevated Container Gardens And Flower Pots

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Elevated containers and flower pots can allow you to enhance your garden space and turn tree stumps and boring lawn into a thriving oasis. There are many ways to approach gardening in a limited space but raised gardens and pots will literally give you more space for growing your favorite plants, flowers, or maybe even veggies.

Raised flower container

Even if you just have a patch of grass you can really add more greenery to your outdoors by introducing enhancements like raised flower beds and contrainer gardens to your yard and lawn. You may not only do that for increasing your crops but also to make a particular plant stand out.

Old tree stumps of any height can be turned into pedestals for flower beds and pots or into plant containers themselves.

flower bed

There are so many beautiful pedestal containers to choose from on the market, you can pick anything that suits your house exterior style or gardern hardscape. You can also utilize an old cracked leaking bird bath as a pedestal for a particaly favorite bloom.

But conventional planters and tree stumps aren’t your only options still. There are ways to introduce greenery into your outdoor furniture like table and bench.

Raised Container Gardens

Planter table

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