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Mosaic in Garden Paths

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A custom to decorate paths with mosaic brought to Europe from Mediterranean makes garden landscapes charming and interesting. It gives you a reason for being very proud of your garden.

Mosaic is becoming very popular because it brings charming beauty to your garden with little material used and effect it makes. And the ideas for the ornament are endless.

Garden Paths Made Of Mosaics

Stones are basic material for creating mosaic. Take stones of approximately same size and different color in order to create a unique picture for a garden path – bright or nature-like. Depending on the texture of the stones you may add more expression to mosaic. Stones of different shapes and sizes also create an interesting effect. Stones can be combined with pieces of brick or ceramics.

Mosaic can become not only a garden path itself but also a perfect part as an element of decoration. It can decorate stairs if you have any. And play a significant role in decorating your patio.

You can decide to invite a specialist to decorate your garden paths or do this work yourself. In any case, here are a couple of ideas of mosaic ornament.

Mosaic for Patio

This is an excellent example when mosaic looks like a proper carpet. You will enjoy drinking tea at your patio and looking at the picture with Mediterranean motives of very calm colors.

Idea for Potio

Idea for Patio

Magic Circles and Spirals

Using just several colors you can create many endless circling images around your garden. This is the easiest idea for mosaic to realize even on your own. Completely different stones texture can be used to make wonderful unique round shapes on your garden paths.


Patterns are surrounding your garden framing trees and objects of décor. Making it a real piece of art.

Playing with texture

By using the stones of different shapes and putting them into the right place, you can get something even you did not expect.

Portrait in Shades of Stone

Portrait in Shades of Stone

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