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Indoor Conservatory Ideas

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Indoor greenhouse shouldn’t sound like a luxury or space-occupier. Rather think about it as a garden alternative or a chance to own your very personal conservatory. Now there are many ways to go about it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve land, yard, or any additional square feet.

Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinet conservatory

Sure, a glass cabinet isn’t the same as a real conservatory, but if you care more about the plants than the place itself, it could just be the right solution for your urban small-spaced home. Place it in the balcony or kitchen and you can enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers and plants regardless of their origin and usual growing conditions

Den Extension

Indoor conservatory glass extension

Extensions are made just for this. If you want a bit more of outdoors inside your home, a den extension is a perfect solution. It also creates a very real conservatory look, which allows to both appreciate the outdoors and the greenery inside.

Bay Window Extension

Window extension

Bay windows or  window extensions can become a great little indoor greenhouse. The kitchen is an ideal place but you can upgrade any window in the house with a glass extension that will provide enough sunlight for any plant that you might want to grow outside its usual habitat.

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