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Kim Kardashian’s Mansion Interior Design

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Kim Kardashian’s $4.8million five-bedroom mansion is located in Beverly Hills and made in Tuscan-style featuring four bathrooms and spa. The 4,000sq ft house also has a swimming pool, garden with a waterfall, media room, outdoor living room with a fireplace. The house has many floor-length windows but the high walls and security gates will keep Ms. Kardashian’s privacy intact.

Kim Kardashian's Mansion Interior Design

The mansion’s interior design is made in traditional luxurious style. Every room from the entrance hall to outdoor living area are decorated with luxurious curved furniture in mixture with modern steel furniture. Some furniture pieces’ upholstery is in subtle floral prints. The furniture itself is in white and powder tones.

All the rooms are painted in light colors which contrasts with various tints of wood featured in window frames, tables, floors and furniture. The house has many living areas with the furniture arranged neat the fireplace or wide-screen TV. There are also a dining room with arched windows and terrace entrance and a bedroom.

The kitchen also has these huge windows which lets the day light in which reflects from white walls and kitchen equipment which is also mostly in white. The kitchen also has a fireplace which gives it a cozy atmosphere. There is also an outdoor barbecue-equipped area with the fridge, sink and storage.

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    Thanks for your sharing ,I like this topic. It’s very interesting.

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    it’s real real awesome mansion..:) thankz for post this article..

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    Wow nice

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    awesome mansion 🙂

  6. B Says:

    Ugly!!!! No taste at all! Cannot believe that people go for something like that! After all you cannot buy taste with money

  7. cleanlinen Says:

    It is a traditional luxurious style.

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    Decorated in early f#ck

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