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Summer Deck/Terrace Design & Decorating Ideas

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Summer is drawing near so it’s time to think about an outdoor space to relax and rest as well as enjoy the warm days after a long and cold winter. Deck or terrace can be a great outdoor living space for various activities.

A deck is usually an elevated area with railings covered with wooden planks while terrace might not feature railings. Both of the structures provide with outdoor living space where you can eat, read and even sleep on a daybed or hammock.

Summer Deck/Terrace Ideas

Stylish Terrace Design

Stylish Terrace Design


If you only began to think about a summer terrace or deck make sure to carefully plan all the details as well as the design. Determine the shape of the deck and sketch other design elements with your contractor. Measure the site to estimate the size of your future deck/terrace. Make sure to leave some space for trees, mini garden, or a pool.


Decorating is much easier but it can do so much in terms of bringing style and atmosphere to your deck. Think tapestry, furniture, greenery, lighting and accessories. All these things will make the deck or terrace more inviting and livable.

Bring Out Flower Beds

Flower beds placed along the railing can add a splash of color and some freshness to your deck and exterior in general. You can also use greenery as natural screens to increase privacy of your outdoor living space.

Light Lamps

Lightweight woven or paper lamps are great for decorating outdoors. They add accents to the decor but also give your space dim glow that makes for a romantic atmosphere in the evenings.


If you want to get full rest in summer opt for a daybed or a hammock for your terrace or deck. These will not only add a special touch to the picture but will also provide with cozy space for sleeping alresco.

Last but not least, a water feature such as pool even a small inflatable one will add more freshness to the outdoors.

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