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World’s TOP 20 Aquatic Plants Layout Designs

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A home aquarium can create a unique harmony of inner world and bring peace and tranquility into the house. Aquarium in the room interior always attracts attention. Every year there are new interesting aquatic designs. But along with incredible beauty and elegance you can meet all sorts of troubles and difficulties. And it is clear that a simple fish tank, pebbles and artificial plants are not enough for a good aquarium.

World’s Best Aquatic Plant Layout Designs in 2013

“Evegreen” by Truong Thinh Ngo, Vietnam

Grand Prize of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2013

Aquarium fish really live much better if they are among the natural environment, rather than artificial seaweed, plastic ships and other objects created by human hands. For them it’s rubbish. Creation of a good natural aquarium is an artwork.

Aquatic plants, as well as fish require some care. Lighting, fertilizing, substrates and plant species, they all play a big role in keeping your plants healthy and in beautiful condition. Aquarium plants do not only add natural beauty to your aquarium, but also actively participate in recycling waste and fight bad blue-green algae.

Every year there is a contest among the designers to create the best natural aquarium design. Aquarium designers from around the world present their refined and original work in this contest. And every year it is becoming increasingly difficult to judge these works. When you look at the Entries of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, you realize that your aquarium is not so comfortable and beautiful.

In this article you can see the TOP 20 best works of the Contest in 2013. In total, this year’s contest received 2,164 entries from 57 countries. After closing for applications on May 31, 2013, all the works underwent a selection process. And now the results of the competition have been already announced.

Photos of all aquariums of the contest will be compiled in a booklet “International Water Plant Layout Contest 2013.” This booklet will be on sale for aquarium hobbyists worldwide.

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