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Exbury Egg – Workspace On Water

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Exbury Egg takes the workspace to a whole new level. That is water. Designed by PAD Studio in collaboration with the SPUD Group and artist Stephen Turner this floating home office is shaped as an egg and built after boat building principles. Though a specialized workspace, Exbury Egg is a laboratory for studying a tidal creek life, this is still another great example of an office pod.

Exbury Egg Pod Laboratory On Water

Exbury Egg Laboratory On Water

Exbury Egg by PAD Studio, SPUD Group, and Stephen Turner

The egg-shaped pod that is powered with solar energy includes a hammock, small stove, desk, and even a wet room. The whole thing is made out of wood which includes the interior.

The Egg will be ‘tethered’ like a boat and will rise and fall with the tide. The light touch and basic nature of the ‘Exbury Egg’ aims to re-appraise the way we live; to properly consider sustainably and future use of natural resources.

The temporary workplace will serve as a place for Stephen Turner to explore ‘a more empathic relationship with nature which reveals the precious and transcendent in everyday life’.

We think it’s a great project. The peculiar design was drawn by Turneregg himself as the egg symbolizes life and as the artwork says Fagility, Creation of Life, Life + New Beginning, and Nurture and Perfection.

The interior is simple and has everything the artist needs for his work and research. The Exbury Egg pod will be temporarily located in the estuary of the River Beaulieu, UK. There is also storage and display areas in the pod as well as windows and a skylight.

The floating home office sounds like a nice idea. But would you be able to work as the pod rises and falls with the tide?

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