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Luxury Leaf House by Mareines + Patalano = Arquitetura

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Casa Folha or The Leaf House has been designed by Mareines + Patalano = Arquitetura. Considering the humid climate in southern Rio Mareines + Patalano = Arquitetura have chosen a perfect building type to create a luxury house inspired by Brazil’s Indian architecture. The cooling system is provided naturally with the wind and the house features open rooms that help connect with the nature around.

Luxury Leaf House by Mareines + Patalano = Arquitetura

We see it as low-tech ecoefficiency, where it has the greatest impact, the concept of the architectural design. Our practice, luckily in agreement with our client, understand the idea of a tropical beach house as a mean to enhance the interaction between man and nature, trying whenever possible not to separate them completely.

Leaf House by Mareines + Patalano = Arquitetura has a truly amazing design. Its roof is built in form of leafs that also serve as shed for an above water highlighted terrace with the lounge area and beautiful greenery sights.

The wind cooling system is possible due to high open spaces in the house which vary from 3 to 9 meters. Thus natural ventilation makes this paradisaical place true eco-friendly. The rain water can be harvested from the roof. The interior is finished with organic materials without many dividers so the place looks open and huge.

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