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How To Design Sleeping Porch

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As the warm weather is about to come into certain parts of the world the sleeping porch is one of those things that can not only enjoy the alfresco feel and surrounding views but also save the energy on air conditioning. Sleeping porch is basically a balcony or a deck, usually screened to keep the bugs away. The framed glass walls allow plenty of light and views in but of course you can keep the windows open to let the air into the room.

Tips To Design Sleeping Porch

How To Design Sleeping Porch


The sleeping porch doesn’t necesserily have to be located on the ground floor or at the front of the house. It can also be designed on the second floor as well as tucked at the back of the house for increased privacy.

The porch can also be bigger or smaller depending on the architecture and design. When planning a sleeping porch make sure to consider how many people it should house.


The screens can be a framed glass or sometimes even curtains. The idea is to have some open space for air to access the sleeping porch otherwise it will be just another stuffy room.

The curtains or mosquito screens can also help to allow the air inside while the bug screen will help keep the nusance at bay and provide for sound sleep.


The bed is the key furnishing for the sleeping porch so it’s important to arrange it with the rest of the furniture in a way that is not only convenient but also stylish.

Also be sure to choose a bed according to your comfort. If you sleep there often or regularly you might want to invest in a better and more comfortable bed. If not then a daybed can be a perfect bed style for day sleep and occasional night slumber.

How To Design Sleeping Porch

Other Furnishings

Other furnishings on the sleeping porch might be unnecessary especially if it’s not very spacious or there is more than one bed there but if you want to add something it can be a nightstand or a chair for reading or used as a nightstand.

The style of the sleeping porch can differ depending on the architectural style of the house. The wooden finishes add warmth to the room while the exposed brick feel more outdoorsy which can be counter-balanced with soft plush rugs and carpets and other tapersty.

Double Use

If you want your sleeping porch to doble as a regular porch with sitting are and a coffee table then think about the folding bed that can double as a sofa at day. This will save space as well as will keep the porch looking presentable in case it’s in front of the house while also usable at night.

Invest in light airy curtains which will both let the light in as well as give you privacy whenever necessary. The shutters can also do the trick but these have a more modern feel while the curtains are great for cottage style and shabby chic.

Finishing Touch

To give your sleeping porch a stylish finish make sure to revive the paint in walls and ceiling, as well as floors. Think about adding plants to liven up the decor and arrange furniture as you would in any other room.

Finally, the porch can be decorated with many other little things, decorations like pendant lights, table lamps, patterned rugs. printed coverlets and many other decor items.

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